Johannesburg, South Africa


Based on their studies, Eldo Energy designed a solar PV power plant, on a combination of IBR and concrete roofing, to offset 38% of B&B's electricity load. It will generate an annual yield of 250,440 kWh.

Eldo chose Trina Solar as sole supplier of top quality products and in the knowledge that they would have the full support of a professional team. The 490 Trina Solar DC05A.08-265W monocrystalline modules achieve superior efficiency and performance, and their daily energy yield is expected to be 686 kWh.

A key innovator in this industry, Trina Solar's completed installation of this substantial roof-mounted system has been an important step in further solidifying their business development in the South African market. The Honey M products' 260 to 270 W output meets all requirements for rooftop installation, having set two world performance records with the cell technology used.

In addition to withstanding high snow and wind loads the Honey M modules generally give high yields in diffused light. The testing procedures   and quality controls exceed international standards. Honey M is available with the Trinasmart output optimiser which increases performance by up to 20%.This module, with its consistent cell coloring and black frame, boasts better performance in low-light conditions.