PV CellTech conference: Trina Solar’s leading 210 technology platform brings about infinite innovation

Dr Chen Yifeng, head of high efficiency cell and module R&D center at Trina Solar, has told a conference in Germany of Trina Solar’s leading advantages and the most recent R&D breakthroughs with P-type and N-type cells. He made his remarks in a speech to the PV CellTech conference in Berlin, held online and offline from April 25 to 26. The 210 Vertex platform technology combined with the cutting-edge technology reinforces its technical leadership, Dr Chen said.


Large-area cells becoming mainstream, with 210 as the leader

Large cells have become the mainstream in the industry, and the 210mm has become the largest for commercial application in mass production. Such cells are now the primary choice for anyone looking for cost effectiveness and increased efficiency, and they point the way to how the industry will continue to develop.


210+N technology, open technology platform sets the pace

210 is an open technology platform that can be combined with various cutting-edge technologies such as the N-type, something Trina Solar, which has always been a pioneer, has been totally committed to industrializing. 

In May 2019 Trina Solar set a world record of laboratory efficiency at 24.58% for a high-efficiency N-type mono-crystalline silicon (c-Si) i-TOPCon solar cell, becoming the first module manufacturer exceeding 23% of average efficiency in mass production. Also in 2019 the company launched N-type i-TOPCon dual-glass bifacial modules and began mass producing them. In March this year Trina Solar announced that its 210×210mm i-TOPCon cell had achieved maximum efficiency of 25.5%, setting a world record for the 23rd time.

N-type cells feature low temperature coefficient, low power attenuation and higher bifacial power generation. Combined with the high reliability and high power generation advantage of 210 modules, the power output can be as high as 690W. 210+N promises big changes in how module power is delivered and paves the way for even lower LCOE.


210 plus cutting-edge technology reinforces leadership position

It has been clearly demonstrated that 210 cells will increase efficiency through innovation, and in mass production they will deliver products with a strong leading edge. In April Trina Solar again upgraded 210 Vertex modules technology, with power and efficiency at a higher level. 

As we head toward a new 210+ phase focused on increasing value to customers, Trina Solar will continue to promote green energy development worldwide, doing so through innovation and its highly reliable and high-value 210 serial products.