Vertex S+ 450W module shines in study, with energy yield 3.07% higher per watt

Trina Solar’s Vertex S+ 450W modules have performed exceptionally well under high-temperature and high-humidity climate conditions in the low-latitude area represented by Hainan, China, showing higher energy yield, lower operating temperature and lower annual degradation compared with that of reference modules, according to a report by the China General Certification Center, a third-party authoritative testing agency.



The empirical study began in December 2022 and was conducted over 12 months. The study site was in Haikou, Hainan province, with a tropical monsoon climate, high temperatures and humidity all year round. These were ideal conditions for the study. To ensure the comprehensiveness of the study, both the Vertex S+ module and the reference module were installed at a low angle of 9 degrees using K2 brackets.

During the study, Vertex S+ 450W modules provided high energy yield, exceptional reliability and great customer value in humid and high-temperature conditions, with no defects shown in the EL images. Vertex S+ 450W modules displayed a marked advantage in energy yield, with an energy gain of 3.07% single-watt higher than with reference modules.



 The operating temperature of the Vertex S+ module was 0.75℃ lower, meaning a longer lifespan and higher output efficiency, producing increased revenue from power output for investors. The Vertex S+ 450W module maintains a much lower annual degradation of 0.81% compared with that of reference modules, with 1.77%, underlining the superior performance of Vertex S+ 450W modules. Low degradation translates to a longer lifespan and higher long-term investment return, which guarantees a great return for investors in long-term operations and maintenance.



The Vertex S+ 450W module, a flagship product in Trina Solar’s non-utility markets, combines 210mm rectangular silicon wafer (210R) cell technology with n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, offering higher efficiency and higher power generation. The 1.6mm+1.6mm lightweight dual-glass structure ensures the module’s ultra-high reliability and safety. This series of modules also has a clear black aesthetic appearance option that is specially tailored for high-end household roofs, carports and other public spaces, which perfectly matches such architectural styles and exteriors and delivers customers a full range of high-performance green aesthetic experience.

Trina Solar will continue to focus on customer value and bring higher profits to customers with advanced technology and reliable products to accelerate green and sustainable development worldwide.