Trina Solar launches Trina Storage, a global business unit dedicated to energy storage

Trina Solar Co., Ltd. ("Trina Solar" or the "Company") has launched a dedicated global business unit: Trina Storage on 23th Feb. The new energy storage system provider engineers innovative solutions for solar + storage, standalone (grid services) and other applications (large Industrial and microgrid). Through its long-standing solar heritage and industry know-how, Trina Storage is uniquely placed to solve the technical challenges of IPPs (Independent Power Producers), Developers and EPCs (Engineering Procurement Construction) in the rapidly transforming renewable energy landscape.

The generation of solar energy will rise exponentially in the years to come. This will spur great demand for storage solutions as a high proportion of solar as well as other renewables in energy grids are causing supply imbalances. According to market reports, the global utility and C&I (Commercial & Industrial) energy storage markets will attract more than $560 billion in investment by 2040.

To fulfil this growing demand, Trina Solar builds on 20 years of experience in the renewable energy industry to launch a dedicated business unit: Trina Storage. It offers flexible storage solutions for different application scenarios like solar + storage, standalone as well as large industrial and microgrid. This new business unit will dramatically transform the way we provide energy around the world, as it will use Trina Solar’s established supply chain to deliver safe, robust and cost-effective solutions.


Flexible and highly-scalable energy storage solutions

In a rapidly-transforming energy industry, the design of energy storage systems require high level of expertise, experience and deep understanding of the technical challenges associated with renewable energy. While other energy storage solution providers offer standard solutions, Trina Storage engineers flexible and highly-scalable solutions that solve those challenges, in terms of costs, quality, safety & efficiency. These solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of every customer.

The solutions consist of quality hardware, software and services that enable Utilities, IPPs, Developers and EPCs all over the world to deploy storage faster and more cost-effectively than ever. They combine high-quality LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries and PCS (Power Conversion System) in a containerized solution with software (BMS, EMS) and services like monitoring and support. Trina Storage only uses Tier 1 components to deliver the most reliable solutions. With in-depth technological expertise, it offers the optimal storage solution that is needed to overcome today’s complex renewable energy challenges.

Trina Storage relies on a strong supply chain allowing fast deployment of energy storage projects, at local and global scale.


Bringing the missing piece of the energy transition puzzle

Energy storage, the missing piece of the energy transition puzzle, is combining renewables and storage in the best possible way. Trina Storage is bringing it to the market today. By leading the renewable energy transition through flexible storage and expanding solar generation at scale further making energy storage easy and reliable for everyone.

Renewable integration at scale is giving rise to grid instability. Energy storage is the answer to this challenge. Trina Storage combines energy storage systems with Smart Energy Management and Control systems to maximise system performance and cost-efficiency.


Trina Storage is one of the most promising and reliable brands in the energy storage market and has now become a member of the BVES. By working together, we are certain that Trina Storage will help to shape the future of the energy storage industry,”​ said BVES (German Energy Storage Association).


Terry Chen, Head of Overseas Storage Business at Trina Solar, said: “We will see exponential growth in the renewable energy industry in the next years as energy needs increase. Storage is the only solution that can support this transition effectively. Therefore, customers need a trusted storage supplier with a profound knowledge of the energy industry.

Trina brings 20+ years of solar experience and continuous innovation, making us the best-placed to anticipate industry needs. Our solutions are ideal for different application scenarios such as solar and storage or standalone battery systems to enhance grid stability. We pride ourselves on combining quality and cost-efficiency in our solutions. Our global footprint combined with local expertise allows us to be closer to our customers and to consider their specific and local needs. We are ready to drive the renewable energy revolution and to become a world leader in smart energy.”


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