TrinaPro is an optimized solution that brings all the PV top components together, technical resources and customer experience into a single customer solution and experience for commercial and utility applications.


Commercial Solution

TrinaPro from Trina Solar is your single, convenient source for all solar project requirements. 



Utility Solution

TrinaPro from Trina Solar delivers an all-in-one solution combining inverters, modules and solar tracking systems into a single convenient smart energy solution.


Shared savings

Through the pairing of Duomax Twin bifacial modules and solar trackers in TrinaPro, total system power gain can be boosted significantly. World-class string and central inverters ensure maximum generation at sustainable costs, while trackers minimize the losses attributable to the sun’s changing angle of incidence. The combination of high efficiency and low overhead leads to faster return on investment from the entire project.

In-house design and engineering

The Trina team provides custom support when selecting and optimizing specific sites for solar deployments. We can help fine tune every project so it conforms to local standards as well as the surrounding environmental conditions. Some of our support services include layout optimization, assistance with module and inverter orientations, foundation design, and energy production estimation. 

Guaranteed reliability

Trina is committed to the highest quality product and services for TrinaPro customers. Our components are sourced from Tier 1 manufacturers and subjected to strict quality measures. They can also be outfitted with flexible custom additions that are suited to all possible terrains.  Customized components include wind stow controllers, system-level monitors, and anti-corrosion devices. 

Testing and certification

TrinaPro solutions meet all major common testing requirements and have been certified for conformance with widely recognized industry standards. Current certifications include ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).