Trina Solar Showcases 25 Years of Innovation with New Product Launches at RE+ 2022
The global PV leader launches new N-type 210 Vertex N and Vertex S+ modules

Trina Solar, the global leader in bankable and reliable PV module manufacturing and smart solar solutions, will showcase 25 years of innovation at RE+ 2022, Booth 1628, on September 19-22, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. This year, Trina Solar is proud to unveil the company’s latest head turners: The Vertex N for C&I and Utility-scale projects and the Vertex S+ for Residential rooftop PV systems.

With 25 years of solar industry experience, Trina Solar stands uniquely positioned to lead the charge for PV product optimization and seamless integration for all markets and help usher in a more sustainable future.


The Latest Innovations: 210 Vertex N and Vertex S+ 


The Vertex N is a 210Rmm N-TOPCon high-power module boasting a maximum power output of 595W. The dual-glass module improves bifaciality to 80% compared to the 70% of P-PERC modules while delivering higher efficiency, lower degradation, and better energy yield. Against the backdrop of greater grid parity, increasing solar demand, and rising market share, the Vertex N’s benefits will cement the modules as the mainstream standard for C&I and utility-scale projects.

For residential projects, the compact but high-powered Vertex S+ rooftop modules are game changers for the industry. This innovative PV solution makes installers’ jobs easier and faster while still delivering optimal performance and better value for customers seeking a premium panel at an affordable price that’s still elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

The Vertex N and Vertex S+ join the family of Trina’s 210 Vertex series, providing comprehensive PV growth with a wide range of applications and a proven route for lowering solar levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).


More than Modules: Smart Solar Solutions


To fully maximize solar project value, EPCs, developers, and system owners and operators need solutions that optimize the process from procurement to component compatibility to customizable integration and interconnection on any scale. 

This is where Trina’s 25 years of solution-building experience comes in. 

TrinaPro, the all-in-one utility-scale solution, and Trina Solar’s C&I Solutions streamline procurement and component interoperability to improve purchase order management, supply chain logistics, and installation processes. These innovative solutions help lower LCOE by cutting CAPEX and BOS costs and improving system design to make installations simpler and faster for financiers, developers, and EPCs, and more cost-effective for owners and operators.

Visitors at RE+ can also experience Vanguard 1P, as TrinaTracker provides daily product demonstrations in the booth. TrinaTracker’s solution uses a patented spherical bearing

mechanism that reduces future operational risks. Vanguard 1P includes a 130x130 mm torque tube with round edges that ensure the structure’s stability. This feature allows more distance between piles, which reduces the number of components and makes an appreciable impact on the installation's cost. TrinaTracker tailors the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of fixed tilt systems and trackers for C&I and utility-scale projects, establishing it as the new standard for performance for solar projects. 

Trina Solar’s Residential Solar Solutions let installers give their customers energy peace of mind with the industry-leading TrinaProtect 25-year performance and product warranty program that automatically covers every panel with no sign-up required. 

Additionally, Trina Storage, the global energy storage solution provider, is premiering at RE+ 2022 with the new utility-scale battery system Elementa. The modular battery system is fully integrated with Trina’s in-house Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, inbuilt fire detection, and suppression systems, and monitored by a dedicated Battery Management System (BMS). It offers a state-of-the-art, revenue-generating Grid asset which has also been optimized for lower OPEX through flexibility, smooth installation, and efficient maintenance.

Demonstration Schedule: Trina Solar, Booth #1628 at RE+

  • Trina Solar New Product Unveiling of Vertex N & Vertex S+, 11 am (daily) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

  • Trina Storage Elementa, 12 pm Tuesday & Wednesday

  • TrinaTracker Launch of Vanguard 1P, 1:30 pm Tuesday & Wednesday, and 12 pm Thursday


About Trina Solar


Since its founding 25 years ago, Trina Solar has shipped more than 100GW of modules, generating green power for customers in more than 100 countries and regions, and remains dedicated to building a carbon-emissions-free world.

Regarding product value, technological innovation, and financial performance, Trina Solar has obtained wide technical and brand recognition from renowned independent institutes worldwide, demonstrating the PV market's strong confidence in Trina Solar. ​The company has scored 100% in the BNEF Bankability Survey for six consecutive years and has been rated AAA in the Q2 PV ModuleTech Bankability report by PV-Tech. The company has also been ranked as Top Performer by PVEL and named an Overall High Achiever by RETC in June.