Bankability of TrinaTracker compatible with large format modules reviewed by DNV

Trina Solar Co., Ltd. today announced it has recently received the Report on Technology Review of Two Single-axis Tracking System: Agile-1P and Vanguard-2P issued by DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider. This indicates that Trina Solar’s new tracker series TrinaTracker "Vanguard" and "Agile", compatible with large format modules, have been reviewed by DNV and DNV have provided their independent opinion.


(PHOTO: Cover of DNV's report on Technology Review of Two Single-axis Tracking System: Agile-1P and Vanguard-2P)

In order to comprehensively assess the upgraded tracker solutions for large format modules, DNV applied a complete assessment system to cover all aspects of the tracker business, including but not limited to design and structural calculations, supply chain capabilities, quality and environmental safety control systems, market performance and outlook, reliability warranty, and O&M performance. The DNV team also assessed various reports of TrinaTracker throughout the product life cycle, including wind tunnel test reports, FEM reports, system test reports, authentication certificates, calculation sheets, detailed drawings, calculation sheets of pre-sale and mid-sale stages, ground survey reports, installation manuals, and other professional reports of engineering design, O&M manual and O&M cost in the after-sale stage.

According to the Report, the available certifications and design, manufacturing and sale services of TrinaTracker are generally in line with the common international requirements with respect to quality and environmental management. Moreover, TrinaTracker adopts the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) methodology in the product development and maintains strict optimization records as per the best practice in the market.

According to the Quarterly Report of Trina Solar’s Demonstration Project in Tongchuan, China verified by CGC (China General Certification), a third-party certification and testing agent, the intelligent algorithm of TrinaTracker leads to an increase of 3%-8% in power gain compared with the traditional astronomical algorithms.

"TrinaTracker's new-generation trackers are an upgrade that stands on the shoulders of historical products.” said César Hidalgo, DNV’s principal engineer of solar systems, “TrinaTracker also presents a well-developed forward-looking R&D technology path to continuously meet customer needs."

Duan Shunwei, head of the tracker business unit of Trina Solar, said: "DNV's comprehensive assessment once again validates the technical advancement, high reliability and significant system value of TrinaTracker, thus further consolidating the financing value of TrinaTracker in the global market. With DNV's assessment opinions, the majority of owners, investors, EPC and other interested parties will have more confidence in the new-generation trackers compatible with large modules, which in turn will accelerate the scale application of upgraded PV system products.”