Trina Solar Publishes White Paper on Global Inverters Matching for Vertex Series Modules

CHANGZHOU, China, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Trina Solar has published a white paper on inverter matching for its Vertex series PV modules. This document represents the first intelligent inverters matching database in the global photovoltaic industry.

The inverters covered in the paper are fully adaptive to all modules in the 210 Vertex series, focusing on the Vertex 550W, 600W and 670W series ultra-high power modules, covering nineteen mainstream inverter brands and more than 180 inverter models. Inverters included are suitable for utility-scale power plants, industrial and commercial distributed PV projects, and agricultural, fishery and Residential PV power settings.

The white paper provides customers with a clear reference for inverter options in different settings.

Modules and inverters are important components of power plants, and intelligent matching directly improves system safety and value. The publication of the white paper is a milestone in promoting efficient and synergistic development of the industry and building a high-power PV ecology. 

In addition to the comprehensive inverter matching database, the paper introduces the first quick matching tool in the industry, helping customers locate the best inverter for their needs with just one click.


Fully Compatibility with Utility-Scale Power Plants

The 210 Vertex series modules feature a low voltage, high-string-power design. This design significantly increases string power and reduces the purchase and installation cost of cables and auxiliary materials, as well as the cost of trackers and pile foundations. The result is a reduction in the BOS and LCOE of power plants. The 210 Vertex series has become a mainstream product on the market. In the utility-scale power plant setting, 13 of the world's leading inverter brands and their products have been selected in the paper. 


Fully Compatible with Distributed and Rooftop Applications 

Because of significant advantages in BOS and LCOE, 550W, 600W and 670W ultra-high power modules are not limited to utility-scale power plants. Distributed PV power projects have also upgraded to  Trina Solar’s newest ultra-high power modules. All mainstream distributed inverter brands globally have their own series of string inverter solutions  for application in distributed and residential PV power projects.

The white paper provides customers with many options for different situations. In the instance of commercial and industrial distributed PV power, seventeen inverter brands are listed, including as FIMER, FRONIUS, INGETEAM, KACO, adding up to more than 100 models that all meet the application requirements. In rooftop household settings, eleven inverter brands are included, adding up to forty-seven models to choose from, significantly improving matching efficiency. 


Inverter Manufacturers Contribute to Ultra-High-Power PV Ecology

Ultra-high power modules are an unstoppable trend. In terms of market demand, the production capacity for 210 series modules is forecast to reach 147GW this year and 234GW next year, according to a PVinfolink report. Large-size modules are forecast to account for more than 70% of overall module capacity worldwide. 

With full validation by the market, inverter manufacturers are upgrading production to match 210 high-power modules. At this year's SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, dozens of inverter manufacturers exhibited their high-current inverters. Nineteen mainstream global inverter manufacturers and 180+ adaptive models have joined Trina Solar's Matching Inverter Database, and the number will continue to grow.

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