Trina Solar's Vertex N 700W modules power a PV-energy storage project in desert region

Installation of 30MW of Trina Solar’s Vertex N 700W modules for an integrated photovoltaic energy storage project in the desert region of northwest China has recently been completed. Once the plant is connected to the grid, it is expected to generate 1.45 billion kWh, save 442,000 tons of standard coal as well as 1.206 million tons of CO2, and cut 232 tons of sulfur dioxide and 260 tons of nitrogen oxides.

Located in a desert with intense irradiation and abundant solar and heat resources, the plant is ideal for converting solar energy into green electricity. This project will contribute to the high-quality development of green energy and increase the use of local renewable resources

Trina Solar's n-type settings-based solutions can meet users' needs in various scenarios. Vertex N 700W modules, an outstanding member of a portfolio of Vertex N products, have been widely used in various settings for excellent reliability, especially in rugged conditions. After establishing a reputation in high-altitude areas, Vertex N 700W modules have again proven themselves in vast desert regions. The modules, benefiting from low-voltage, high-power, ultra-low degradation, and high bifaciality, deliver higher string power, greater installed system capacity, higher energy yield, and lower LCOE for utility projects while ensuring reliability and greater customer value.

The upgrade and maturity of TOPCon technology has greatly accelerated the industrialization of n-type products, and Trina Solar has comprehensively improved its industrialization capability of 210mm n-type modules. After an initiative to standardize 700W+ module dimensions and upgrade the Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance propelled by Trina Solar, the company is once again leading the industry into a higher power era of 700W+. 

With its mission of “Solar energy for all,” Trina Solar will deliver higher value to the industry and solar energy users worldwide with its high-quality products, thus contributing more to a net zero future.