Trina Solar and Great Power Announce Joint Venture in Lithium Batteries

On April 12th, Trina Solar (Changzhou) Science & Technology Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Trina Solar Co. Ltd. (“Trina Solar”), joined Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology Co. Ltd. (“Great Power”) in a signing ceremony in Jintan County, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The two companies announced the founding of a Joint venture - Jiangsu Tianhui Lithium Battery Co. Ltd., a 2 GWh-capacity manufacturing company which will engage in R&D, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries dedicated to energy storage systems (ESS).

“As technology has advanced, photovoltaic modules are already 1/20 the cost of what it was when first emerged. In many countries around the world, the cost of photovoltaic power systems is now even cheaper than that of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, China’s photovoltaic products and systems are becoming reasonably priced” said Gao Jifan, Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar. “ Energy storage is a key technology for making photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources stable and reliable. As the backbone of the future energy scheme, with technical improvement and cost reduction in future, energy storage shall meet massive market potential. Rooting in ESS for 5 years, Trina Solar is now constructing a smart Energy System which integrates power generation, energy storage, smart power distribution and smart O&M. We are dedicated to establish a world’s leading lithium battery manufacture base through the joint venture and cooperation with Great Power.”

“Promoting clean energy is the shared vision of both companies,” said Xin Xiade, Chairman of Great Power. “We will give full play to our respective advantages including Guangzhou Great Power’s accumulation of battery technology, Trina Solar's global user resources and the manufacturing and R&D experiences of both companies. Together, we will produce internationally-competitive energy storage products, helping to provide a solution to meet the world’s ever-increasing demand for new energy.”

The founding of Jiangsu Tianhui Lithium Battery Co. Ltd. marks a major milestone for Trina Solar in the field of energy storage. It is also a significant step for Trina Solar in its journey to the world’s leading smart energy total solutions provider.