Trina Solar’s Newest Vertex S Aesthetic Module Now Available in Australia

The latest version of Trina Solar’s internationally awarded Vertex S Aesthetic Module, which is also known as Vertex S All Black Module used primarily for residential rooftops, is now available for sale in Australia.

“We are seeing strong interest from Australian households for this product because of its performance, in terms of higher power output and efficiency, coupled with its aesthetic appeal,” says Todd Li, president of Trina Solar Asia Pacific.

“More and more Australian households are installing solar on their rooftops, so we make sure we offer a wide choice of module designs to complement various styles of roofs and help aesthetically-minded homeowners,” says Todd.

“Trina Solar’s Australian distributors are already promoting the Vertex S All-Black modules to building architects and developers who want to showcase the aesthetical appeal of rooftop solar,” he adds.

Some homeowners take a keen interest in the look of the solar installation, especially those that have a single-storey house, with a low roof, or a house that is in a prominent position.

Vertex S Aesthetic Module is ideal for residential rooftops because of its sleek look. The module appears more matte and have minimal glass reflection thanks to a double layer of antireflection coating (ARC). The module also has a uniform black colour due to a dedicated cell-blackening treatment.

“The black colour cells with ultra-fine busbars, together with a fine layout of the black frame, back-sheet, black label and string busbars, makes Vertex S All-Black visually appealing for households,” says Todd.

Trina Solar’s Vertex modules achieve higher power output and efficiency by using 210mm technology, a larger wafer size than earlier generation modules.

The latest version of Vertex S Aesthetic Module, the first shipment of which arrived in Australia in November, uses 210R cells, a rectangular-shaped cell whereas the earlier version of the 'All Black’ module used square-shaped cells. The new solar cells deliver around 30W of additional power output.

Vertex S Aesthetic Module earlier this year won a Red Dot Design Award, the top award in the world for product and industrial design. Previous award winners include Apple, Audi and Porsche. “The Red Dot Design Awards – which are announced in Germany each year – are like the ‘Oscars’ of product design,” says Todd. Vertex S Aesthetic Module was selected out of nearly 10,000 entries from more than 60 countries for its advanced design concept and excellent user experience, says Todd.

The new Vertex S All-Black module has power output up to 425W and maximum efficiency of 21.3%. The module comes with a 25-year product and 25-year performance warranty.

Vertex S Aesthetic Module is compatible with mainstream optimizers, inverters, and mounting systems available in Australia. The module is also designed to be low in weight, making it easier to handle and install on rooftops.

Trina Solar Vertex S series of modules including Vertex S Aesthetic Module are mostly used for residential applications but are also used for commercial and industrial applications.