Trina Solar’s Vertex Modules Gain First Certification for Use in Marine Settings, With High Reliability Affirmed

TÜV Rheinland has published its offshore photovoltaic test report, and Trina Solar, a trendsetter in the global photovoltaics industry, has set yet another milestone, receiving certification from this independent third-party for its highly reliable Vertex modules fully passed tests.

In offshore PV plants, a relatively new setting for photovoltaic modules, harsh environmental challenges are posed, such as from high temperatures, high humidity, high salt mist, strong wind, strong waves and heavy precipitation. This places considerably higher demands on the reliability of such modules. Trina Solar’s gaining this certification demonstrates that these Vertex series modules are highly adaptable to the marine environment and are totally reliable, making Trina Solar more competitive in this emerging market.


TÜV Rheinland awarding Trina Solar its first offshore PV module certificate.


Reliability tests included saltwater immersion (48h) +PID (+ and -, 192h, 95%RH85℃), static mechanical load, dynamic mechanical load (1000 cycles, 1000 Pa), TC50, HP10, DH2000 and salt mist corrosion (IEC 60068-2-52, severity 8). Trina Solar’s Vertex modules passed all these tests.

The ability of modules to withstand extreme environments throughout their life cycle is critical. Trina Solar’s Vertex modules, endowed with the very latest technology, have passed static mechanical load standard testing and five other rigorous tests, namely for: non-uniform snow load; extreme low temperature mechanical load; hail; multiple extreme dynamic mechanical load; and extreme wind tunnel effect. All of these demonstrate that Vertex modules provide excellent mechanical performance in extreme environments.

As a leading global PV and smart energy total solution provider, Trina Solar adopts a user-centered approach and has always delivered high-performance modules with great reliability to global customers. An example is Trina Solar’s Vertex modules managing to remain fully intact as they were buffeted by Typhoon Muifa, the strongest typhoon in China last year. In addition, Trina Solar delivered Vertex modules for an offshore PV project in an outdoor empirical study in Shandong province.

Trina Solar's Vertex modules have become a primary choice for power plants. The company's newly launched n-type scenario-based solutions are tailored to operate in a wide range of settings, with lower BOS costs and LCOE to maximize customer value. Trina Solar is utterly committed to its mission of providing solar energy for all and of playing a leading role in protecting the planet.