Trina Solar's 10GW Capacity of Vertex N 610W Modules Comes to Mass Production at Huai'an Base

The first Vertex N 610W module and n-type i-TOPCon cell made at Trina Solar’s plant in Huai’an rolled off production line, marking the mass production of the 10GW n-type i-TOPCon cell capacity and 10GW Vertex N 610W capacity. The Huai’an plant, in Jiangsu province, has thus achieved full-scale phase II production as Trina Solar continues to ramp up mass production of n-type modules.

In reaching this milestone, Trina Solar needed less than six months from startup to production of the first n-type modules and cells for Phase II, illustrating the company’s speed and dexterity and its commitment to offering more value to customers in the n-type era.

Based on the industry-leading 210mm rectangular silicon wafer technology and n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, with highest average efficiency of mass-produced cells at 25.8%, Vertex N 610W modules are highly compatible with trackers, with 13% more installation capacity for single-row tracker systems. The innovative and optimized module dimensions add scope to utility-scale or commercial and industrial solar applications and improve the utilization rate of a 40HC container to 98.5%, reducing logistics and BOS costs for customers.

The Vertex N 610W module is 2382mm by 1134mm, the dimensions led by Trina Solar, agreed and adopted by the industry. As a pioneer in the PV industry, Trina Solar has led the push for standardization with its Golden Size design concept and products.

Trina Solar has supplied medium-format Golden Size modules to various projects, including two hybrid hydro-solar power plants in Sichuan province and the 6.1MW C&I rooftop PV project in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province.

Trina Solar has adopted an integrated layout in manufacturing plants to ensure worry-free delivery of n-type modules to meet growing market demand. The phase II production of n-type cells and modules in Huai’an ensures sufficient capacity for n-type integration and lays a solid foundation for the efficient delivery of Vertex N 610W modules. By the end of the year, Trina Solar's n-type wafer capacity is forecast to reach 50GW, module capacity 95GW and cell production capacity 75GW, including 40GW of n-type cells, all of which are equipped with n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology.