TrinaTracker SuperTrack Awarded over 1GW Orders Globally

TrinaTracker announced 1GW milestone of orders globally for its SuperTrack smart control system till August 2022. The projects are distributed in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, in more than 10 countries. This milestone not only represents the acceptance of TrinaTracker smart control system’s mature technology in energy yield gain, but also demonstrates TrinaTracker has strong and stable capability for commercial production.

Smart control system is a popular method used for solar tracking systems, as it can significantly increase the energy yield of solar modules under low irradiance conditions, and reduce shading affects under complex terrain. 

With 25 years’ experience in solar module R&D and solar project development, TrinaTracker developed its patented technologies on “bifacial model” and “mini-shading model”, which lays the foundation for STA and SBA algorithm. These together will result in extra power generation by up to 8%, compared with standard solar tracking system. Since TrinaTracker launched its first generation SuperTrack in January 2021, and its upgraded generation in May 2022, it has been the leading smart tracking technology today. 

With further development of utility solar project, land restriction is new challenge for most developers, more projects need to constructed on complex terrains. Power loss due to row-to row shadings under uneven land has become a common concern. In addition, the highly diffused scenarios are not fully analyzed for energy production potentials.

Sun Kai, head of TrinaTracker smart tracking technology R&D, said, “TrinaTracker’s smart solution is designed to solve such problem. I believe TrinaTracker solution which incorporates reliable structure, smart tracking technology and smart O&M SCADA can customize optimal solutions for different application scenarios.”