Three solar parks in Brazil powered by Trina Solar connected to grid

Three solar parks using Trina Solar's Vertex N 720W series and Vertex 670W modules have been connected to the grid in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil, with combined installed capacity of 21MW. The three parks are in Cambará, Nova Londrina and Tapejara, in Paraná. The installation is a significant milestone in ramping up green energy production for the region.


Solar park in Nova Londrina. (Photo: Sion Energia)


Solar park in Cambara. (Photo: Sion Energia)


Brazil's favorable climate and geographical conditions have fueled the growth of its solar market in recent years. Sion Energia, specializing in energy production and commercialization, invested heavily in building the three parks. Eduardo Hahn, director of Sion Energia, emphasized the critical importance of product reliability in the decision-making process, saying: “Ensuring that PV products fulfill their promised electricity generation capabilities is paramount. Proven efficiency and product longevity are equally crucial factors we consider when selecting modules.”

Cao Yunduan, head of branding and marketing at Trina Solar, said: “Trina Solar's Vertex modules, based on advanced 210mm product technology platform, stand out as an industry leader with excellent reliability. We are delighted that our Vertex N modules stood out and became the ultimate choice of Sion Energia.”

Vertex modules have passed static mechanical load standard testing and five other rigorous tests, maintaining exceptional durability even under extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, snowstorms, extreme cold and hail. Furthermore, Vertex N modules have passed RETC extended reliability tests and earned the prestigious Long-Term Reliability Leadership Award of the third-party testing organization China General Certification. Trina Solar has consistently maintained Top Performer status for nine consecutive years certified by PVEL. This recognition underscores Trina Solar's commitment to securing long-term benefits for its customers.

Trina Solar's Vertex N modules are continuously being upgraded. The large-format Vertex N module deployed in the Brazilian projects now boasts impressive power output of 720W, achieving efficiency of 23.2%. Its innovative low-voltage, high string power design not only enhances performance in power plants but also reduces BOS costs and LCOE, thus delivering greater value to customers.

By the first quarter of this year Trina Solar's cumulative shipments of the 210mm modules had surpassed 120GW, maintaining its world No 1 ranking. Trina Solar remains committed to driving the global transition toward clean energy and fostering the creation of a zero-carbon world.