Trina Solar launches Agile 1P Dual Row Tracker delivering over 8% energy gain

Trina Solar Co., Ltd ("Trina Solar") has announced the official worldwide launch of the TrinaTracker Agile 1P Dual Row. Agile 1P tracker is fully compatible with ultra-high power modules ranging from 400W to 670W+. The Agile series is a new member to the TrinaTracker family after the Vanguard series launched in December, which further enriches the trackers application scenarios and upgrades TrinaTracker solutions. 

At the launch conference, Duan Shunwei, head of Tracker business unit at Trina Solar and Antonio Moralejo Gil, head of Product & Engineering department for TrinaTracker, presented the new product comprehensively. Agile 1P adopts the 1P Dual Row design with four key technology advantages: higher reliability, greater power generation, optimized BOS and enhanced adaptability. SuperTrack algorithm delivers an extra yield gain up to 8%. César Hidalgo, Principal Engineer of solar systems at DNV, elaborated on the research methodology used in tracker bankability report and explained that both TrinaTracker's "Vanguard" and "Agile" tracker systems had done the technology review (bankability) by DNV.

Agile 1P has officially gone into mass production since the launch date. Up to now, the global installation capacity of TrinaTracker has exceeded 5 GW, with 8 GW annual production capacity on trackers in 2021. 

Agile 1P's enhanced reliability is guaranteed by three innovative technologies

The new Agile 1P tracker can achieve optimal adaptability and reliability in compatibility with 600W+ ultra-high power modules. Mr. Gil revealed that CPP, a world-renowned authoritative wind tunnel test organization, put the Agile 1P tracker through a set of comprehensive wind tunnel tests including dynamic and static as well as full aeroelastic, simulating operation under actual condition. Upon these tests, TrinaTracker kept optimizing the tracker design to ensure all the components of tracker system to boast higher reliability and enhanced adaptability.

Agile 1P leverages the innovative multi-drive (dual-slewing) system and exclusively worldwide patented spherical bearing to improve the overall stability of tracker system, effectively reducing the system aeroelastic effect, improving load transmission efficiency, avoiding rotation error and enhancing the overall structure. The spherical bearing can minimize the structure stress and deformation and further improve reliability and adaptability in complex terrains. In addition, Agile 1P is equipped with sophisticated stow strategy, preventing the tracker from structural failure in gusty wind and strengthening system reliability.

Installation capacity increases by 15.6%, SuperTrack algorithm drives up 8% power gain

The Dual-Row design of Agile 1P shortens the tracker length to only 72 meters, enabling installation of up to 120 modules per tracker, and achieving higher installation capacity under the same layout by 15.6%. 
The intelligent "SuperTrack" algorithm can increase the Agile 1P's total power generation by up to 8%. With the cleaning robot effectively eliminating sands and dust on modules, system power generation can be enhanced by more than 10%. 

Optimized BOS saves Agile trackers amount by 33% under the same installation capacity

The amount of Agile 1P trackers is reduced by 33%, compared with conventional single-row 1P trackers in a typical 1MW layout, saving 9% in DC cabling. The spherical bearing of TrinaTracker features the self-alignment with an angle adjustability of 30%, which can correct the installation deviation and reduce failure rate as well as operation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, an innovative upgrade to the installation process that integrates the patented Trina-Clamp diminishes installation time by 50%. 

Besides, upgraded from TrinaTracker Cloud, the upcoming TrinaTracker SCADA system will feature remote monitoring, early warning, intelligent diagnosis and troubleshooting. SCADA system will boost the effective operating time under different weather conditions, diagnose the real time tracker problems and perform troubleshooting accordingly, reducing the maintenance costs and increasing solar farm operation efficiency. 

Mr. Duan noted: " Trina Solar’s tracker business has to consider the developments from all perspectives. Currently, tracker industry’s primary focuses are wind engineering and structural enhancement, but we also need to consider the software development such as intelligent tracking algorithms and SCADA system. By embracing full compliance of well-established industry standards, state-of-the-art technology, as well as upstream and downstream integration, Trina Solar will enhance the trackers value, and facilitate the continuing growth of the global tracker market."  

With the photovoltaic industry entering the 600W+ era, trackers, used in conjunction with ultra-high power modules will accelerate the reduction of LCOE and the entrance to the photovoltaic parity era. Sticking to the principle of “driven by innovation, more reliable”, TrinaTracker is dedicated to offering customers with high quality, reliable ultra-high power trackers and service, and will make sustained efforts to promote technical innovation and industry-wide standardization of trackers to expedite further reduction of LCOE and ultimately bring more returns to our customers. 

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