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Tambo Real II

Vicuña, Chile

  • 2MW System
  • 8,5556 Panels
  • Ground mount

Kaltemp partnered with Trina because they knew Trina's high-quality products and innovative design would be able to perform well under the extreme conditions of the Atacama Desert. 



Balikesir City, Turkey

  • 247,500 kWh
  • 613 Panels
  • Ground-mounted

This initiative took place in one of the less arid areas of Turkey where the main economic activity is agriculture. The cost of energy to supply water for irrigation is highly significant.

Katoen Natie

Antwerp, Belgium

  • 40 MW System
  • 180,000 Panels
  • Commercial Roofing

When international logistics provider Katoen Natie chose Invictus to develop what is currently the largest PV solar roof installation in the world, they chose Trina Solar panels.

Trehawke UK

Cornwall, United Kingdom

  • 10.6MW System
  • 41,404 Panels
  • Ground Mount

The utility-scale Trehawke solar power plant started late in 2013 and connection was achieved in March 2014,which utilizes 41,404 Trina Solar TSM-255-PC05A modules that provide high quality, durability and performance.

Serfontana Shopping Centre

Ticino, Switzerland

  • 85.600 kWh (annually)
  • 244 Panels
  • Commercial roof

In the case of the solar (PV) system at the Serfontana Shopping Centre, it was possible to significantly reduce adverse effects caused by the broad shadow of the tower by means of power optimization at module level.

Cadland Estate Solar farm

New Hampshire, United Kingdom

  • 4,250,000 kWh (annual)
  • 17,857 Panels
  • Ground Mount

Being a National Nature Reserve and having farming as its main enterprise, sustainability and the preservation of the area’s aesthetics were prime considerations in providing Cadland with a solar energy solution.


Multiples sites across France

  • 59 MW System
  • Carport

The system is the largest one ever constructed in the world for the automobile industry, with 400,000 square metres of Trina Solar solar panels, equivalent in area to 60 football pitches.

Greece Tanagra

Attika Region, Greece

  • 16MW System
  • 66,862 Panels
  • Ground Mount

Greece is a project where Trina is acting as IPP since July 2013.The Project consist of 22 PV Plants located in Greece mainland, northern of Athens.

Delta Ravano

Cuneo, Piamonte, Italy

  • 1 MW System
  • 3960 Panels
  • Rooftop

This development, Delta Ravano, by Ravano Green Power includes the installation of the rooftop shed with panels on four plants producing 1 MW. It was completed in record time.

West Raynham UK

Norfolk, United Kingdom

  • 49.99MW System
  • 196,627 Panels
  • Ground Mount

The PV Plant, built in the former Royal Air Force West Raynham Airbase, has a capacity of approximately 50 MWp, representing the biggest PV plant operational in UK at the date of completion. 

  • 70 MWh (annually)
  • 296 Panels
  • Commercial Rooftop

The solar power (PV) system on the roof of the Bavarian State Chancellery uses efficient Trina solar modules of the type TSM-PC05. It proves that modern solar technology is also suitable for listed buildings.

Homeland Solar Farm

Dorset, United Kingdom

  • 13.2MW System
  • 52,000 Panels
  • Ground-Mounted

Dorset's good weather was a huge factor in the decision to build this large solar farm, and the protection of land features and indigenous wildlife was imperative.

Retirement Home

Muggió, Italy

  • 125 MWh System
  • 409 Panels
  • Residential rooftop installation

MP Next, with decades of experience and a keenness to meet building regulations, renovated a retirement home in Italy with an emphasis on renewable energy sources and also fire safety

Park Villas Rooftop

California, USA

  • 646kW System
  • 2,000 Panels
  • Rooftop

This is the largest Multi-family affordable Solar Housing (MASH) project in California and generated 775,000kWH of electricity annually, enough to power 144 housing units and property common areas.

Les Mées

Les Mées, Alpes de Haute Provence, France

  • 18.2MW System
  • 79'000 Panels
  • Solar Power Station

With an annual output of 26,000,000 kWh, this site developed by Enfinity enables electricity to be supplied to almost 9,000 families per year and prevents the production of more than 9,200 tonnes of CO2 annually.


All over Italy

  • 5.0MW System
  • 217000 Panels
  • Car parking shelter-mounted

In 2008 Enereco Energy Solutions won the contract to supply power-saving photovoltaic modules to be installed on car park shelter rooftops at service stations along the Italian motorway network.

Su Scioffu

Villasor, Cagliari, Italy

  • 26.000.000 kWh (annuallyl)
  • 84,399 Panels
  • Commercial roof

System of photovoltaic modules installed on the roofs of greenhouses in Italy to supply electricity equivalent to that of the consumption of 10,000 homes, with a forecast of 26 GWh.

Hitachi Rail

Newton Aycliffe, United Kingdom

  • Commercial Rooftop
  • 3,772 Panels
  • 851.3 MWh (annual)

Initiated to reduce both energy costs and carbon emissions, this project used redundant rooftop space where Photon Energy, in conjunction with Trina Solar, installed solar PV panels.

Sägewerke Christen AG

Luthern, Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland

  • 900.000 kWh (annually)
  • 3,576 Panels
  • Commercial in-roof system

Sägewerke Christen AG runs the first energy-self-sufficient and CO2-neutral saw mill in Switzerland. Its in-roof PV system with Honey high-performance modules has a power of 900 kWp and produces up to 6,000 kWh of solar energy each day.

  • 381KW System
  • 1,550 Panels
  • Rooftop

Located in the Qingnan Community, Qinghu Town, Donghai County, Lianyungang, this new village installation was completed in early 2014 providing Trina enabled power to 129 families in the community.

  • 3.8 MWp System
  • 13680 Panels
  • Rooftop

Fully committed to a green energy strategy, Lyreco sought a cost-effective way to embrace renewable energy generation on a large scale, and decided on a rooftop PV installation.

  • 370 MkWp System
  • 1465 Panels
  • Façade-mounted

When needing to replace the façade of its main facility BAE Systems Hägglunds saw an opportunity to reduce power costs at the same time by using a PV installation.

Sambir Solar Station

Ralivka, Ukraine

  • 4.32 million kWh
  • 15444 Panels
  • Ground-mounted

The Sambir Solar Station, a 5.08 MWp free standing system, came about through the expansion of a former 1 MW plant and was commissioned by the Ukranian company Eco-Optima. 

Knowes Housing Association

Clydebank, United Kingdom

  • 195,000 kWh (annual)
  • 1,500 Panels
  • Residential rooftop installation

The project was initiated to provide economic, sustainable energy to social housing tenants at risk of fuel poverty. In addition, Edison Energy and Trina Solar successfully collaborated to offer residents information and aftercare. 

San Pedro del Pinatar

Campo de Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

  • 3.126.000 kWh (annual)
  • 9,600 Panels
  • Installation on roof of organic greenhouse

Development of a solution that perfectly combines photovoltaic power generation with green-house based agricultural production.

OLWO Otto Lädrach AG

Worb, Canton of Bern, Switzerland

  • 1.35 GWh (annually)
  • 5400 Panels
  • Commercial Rooftop

OLWO has covered seven storage depots with an area of around 8,800 m2 with 5,400 Trina Solar PC05A Honey modules with a power of 250 Wp each. This is the largest solar system on a pitched roof in Switzerland.


Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 130 kW System
  • 490 Panels
  • Rooftop

Bazar & Bazar, fresh seafood wholesalers, commissioned Eldo Energy to initiate a commercial rooftop project, Trina Solar being the sole supplier of the required 130 kW of PV modules.

Wymeswold Airfield

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

  • 37,24 MWh
  • 140000 Panels
  • Ground-mounted

The site has a mixture of agricultural, leisure and sporting uses. To improve energy efficiency and optimize space, the owners contracted S.A.G. Solarstrom AG to develop a ground-mounted solar PV array.

Italy Vicenza

Veneto, Italy

  • 3.3MW System
  • 16,382 Panels
  • Rooftop

The project started development in 2011, construction in 2012 and connected in 2012. It consists of 3 independent PV plants installed on a big industrial rooftop in northern Italy.

SEAT al Sol

Martorell, Catalonia, Spain

  • 15.000.000 kWh (annual)
  • 41,000 Panels
  • Commercial roof

An ambitious project to generate clean energy on a large scale using Trina Solar solar panels on the shade canopy over parking areas at the SEAT factory in Martorell.

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