TrinaPro: Proven reliable smart PV solution evaluated by DNV GL

Trina Solar Co., Ltd (“Trina Solar” or the “Company”), the world's leading PV and smart energy solution provider, announced today that the company has received the Technology Assessment Report for the TrinaPro Smart Solar Solution ("the Report") from DNV GL, a quality assurance and risk management company with global reach.

The technology assessment report (also referred to as a "bankability report") from DNV GL highlights that the main advantage of TrinaPro is the integration of modules, inverters, trackers, control algorithms and cloud-based monitoring for a turn-key solution.

The core components of the TrinaPro solution consist of modules manufactured by Trina Solar, trackers manufactured by Nclave, a Trina Solar subsidiary, and inverters manufactured by qualified suppliers. These core components are integrated with a smart tracking algorithm and cloud-based operations and maintenance platform.

The Report proved the potential energy gain of the TrinaPro solution and its smart tracking algorithm, based on independent energy simulations and a review of field testing. While energy gain varies depending on location and weather conditions, DNV GL estimated the energy gain for the TrinaPro smart tracking algorithm to be 0.6%-1% for a test site in Viana, Spain; 0.4-1.9% energy gain on cloudy days; and the gain even attaining up to 5% under specific scenarios.

DNV GL has developed a detailed and efficient process for evaluating technical documentation and provides investors with the information and opinion they need to gain comfort with an unfamiliar product. The evaluation team has reviewed engineering drawings, structural analyses, test reports, installation procedures, quality plans, operations and maintenance documentation, and performance analyses provided by Trina Solar. DNV GL has also visited the module and tracker manufacturing facilities in China and Spain to evaluate manufacturing and quality processes.

MinWah Leung, Project Manager at DNV GL said: "TrinaPro is an integrated system of modules, inverters, and trackers tied with a smart tracking algorithm, control network, and a cloud-based O&M platform with mobile app capabilities. The main advantage of TrinaPro is the system integration for a turn-key solution. Projects are designed with megawatt blocks and TrinaPro allows for integrated project management, installation, components, and monitoring. While TrinaPro's software controls and cloud-based O&M platform are new, TrinaSolar uses existing module, inverter, and tracker products in the industry. DNV GL considers that Trina Solar is capable of supplying a product that does not pose atypical risks."

Yin Rongfang, Vice General Manager and Executive Vice President at Trina Solar, said: "The comprehensive assessment of DNV GL once again proves that TrinaPro's leading technology delivers a top bankability performance in the global market. TrinaPro is the industry's first smart photovoltaic solution and is currently the only PV solution proven by an international third-party. With TrinaPro expanding its global footprint, an increasing number of customers can expect to derive enhanced investment income as a result." 

Caption: Cover of DNV GL's TrinaPro Smart Solution Technology Assessment Report.
Source: Trina Solar


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