World Wetlands Day | Trina Solar unleashes solar power to safeguard human well-being

Trina Solar, a leader in smart PV and energy storage solutions, marked the 28th World Wetlands Day on February 2nd, themed "Wetlands and Human Well-being." Recognizing wetlands as the "Kidneys of the Earth," vital for sustaining nearly one-eighth of the global population, Trina Solar proudly contributed to the day's celebration by highlighting its commitment to restoring wetland ecology and promoting sustainable habitats.


Transforming wetlands with innovative fishery-photovoltaics (PV) projects

The spotlight of Trina Solar's impactful initiatives is the transformation of the saline wetlands in Houzhen, Shandong province, once vulnerable and barren. Through the groundbreaking 100MW fishery PV project, these mudflats have now blossomed into what can only be described as "Fields of Hope."


Local saline mudflats before and after transformation


Encompassing 2,200 mu (362 acres) and exclusively utilizing Trina Solar PV modules, this project is anticipated to generate approximately 147 GWh of clean energy annually. The equivalent of saving 46,261 tons of standard coal and reducing CO2 emissions by 13.5 tons.

Houzhen's success serves as a precursor to Trina Solar's ongoing efforts in transforming the saline wetlands of Yangkou, less than 40 kilometers away. The 150MW fishery PV project, featuring Trina Solar's Vertex 670W series modules and a 30MW/60MWh independent energy storage system, aims to further contribute to environmental protection and local economic growth.

By integrating PV with aquaculture, fishermen can now reap dual benefits from power generation and fish farming. Beyond powering essential equipment like oxygenators and pumps in the ponds, the installation boasts a unique tilting design. This innovative feature aids in regulating water temperature by 1-2°C, effectively inhibiting algae bloom and subsequently reducing mortality rates for fish and shrimp caused by elevated water temperatures.



PV ignites new opportunities in a historic fishing city

Cangzhou City, renowned for its fishing industry, now harnesses the power of Trina Solar's Vertex series modules, totaling 70 MW. This green power initiative covers nearly 1,950 mu (321 acres) of fish ponds, expected to generate 128 GWh of green electricity annually. The project not only reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 107,000 tons per year but also optimizes the local energy structure.



The grid-connected fishery PV project contributes to local hydroponic agriculture and minimizes water evaporation and temperature-related aquatic losses, providing an economic and environmental boost.

The innovative PV panels has breathed new life into Cangzhou’s ancient fishing industry, ushering in increased income for fishermen and expanded employment opportunities.


Offshore PV overcomes challenges on the South China sea coast

In Haiyan Town, Guangdong province, Trina Solar played a pivotal role in the first phase of the 100MW PV project, supplying all modules.



The marine mudflat location, unlike typical wetland projects, posed heightened demands on PV module reliability. Rigorous testing of Trina Solar's PV products, including damp-heat tests by third-party organizations such as RETC and PVEL, demonstrates their exceptional reliability in challenging mudflat, floating, and seaside scenarios.

This fishery-PV project not only brought economic value to Haiyan but also revitalized the town, turning it into a modern and vibrant hub.

Trina Solar, guided by its mission of "Solar Energy for All," remains unwavering in its commitment to providing tailor-made smart energy solutions for large-scale applications like wetlands. This commitment not only enhances ecology but also stimulates the economy and improves human well-being in underdeveloped regions. Trina Solar stands firm in its dedication to safeguarding the environment and advancing global human well-being through sustainable initiatives.