Trina Solar Vertex N 700W+ modules perform remarkably in frigid conditions with temperature as low as minus 43 C

Trina Solar's 210mm Vertex modules have demonstrated their prowess in an outdoor field test in the extreme cold of Mohe, the northernmost city in China. The test was conducted by the China Testing and Certification International Group (CTC) and China General Certification from January 2023 in conditions including extremely low temperatures and fierce snowstorms. The test showed that Vertex N 700W, Vertex N 610W and Vertex 670W modules had performed stably, demonstrating excellent reliability and power generation.



Mohe experiences temperatures below -20 C for up to six months a year, making it an ideal location for extreme capabilities testing.

From September a year-long outdoor test of Vertex N 700W and Vertex 610W modules began in CTC’s extreme cold test park. The modules endured several sustained snowfalls during the five-month demonstration period, with temperatures as low as -43 C, and as much as 7cm of snow accumulating on top of the modules. By dint of the reliability and optimal design of the modules, they successfully passed the test of extreme low temperatures and withstood blizzards.

Vertex N 700W modules also maintain a fine appearance after several months of operation. An EL image of the modules showed no variation, the grid lines were clear, and the cells had no micro-cracks. This demonstrates that Vertex N 700W modules operate reliably in extremely cold weather, with a high level of safety.



In addition, Vertex N 700W modules exhibit excellent power generation under low irradiation conditions. In January, the coldest month of the year, with an average daily minimum temperature below -30 C, the modules generated about 276kWh of energy. Taking into account rear-side gain, the system’s performance ratio was exceptional, exceeding 100%.

Vertex 670W also demonstrated high performance. Trina Solar was the first company to conduct outdoor tests at the CGC outdoor validation base in Mohe. Vertex 670W modules have undergone a full year of field tests, enduring two cold winter seasons, the temperature falling to as low as -53 C.

This rigorous testing ensures global customers that Trina Solar’s high-performance products are leading the market. Trina Solar will continue to innovate to provide customers with advanced technologies and reliable, efficient products and service.