High-altitude plant powered by Trina Solar Vertex N 700W modules connected to grid

A 500MW PV power station in a high-altitude desert region of northwest China was connected to grid in late December, all using Trina Solar’s Vertex N 700W modules. This further illustrates customers’ great trust in Trina Solar and its products. The plant, which has average annual energy yield of about 1 billion kWh, and which is developed and owned by Datang Qinghai New Energy Development Co Ltd, is part of the first batch of solar and wind power generation plants in the Gobi Desert and other arid regions.



The plant is subject to drastic temperature differences and extreme weather, including high winds and hailstorms, which calls for greater module reliability. In addition, the plant is located in high-altitude desert, at an average altitude of 3,200 meters.



Vertex N 700W modules, based on advanced 210mm technology and n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology, are renowned for their high reliability, high efficiency, high power, high energy yield and low LCOE, delivering superior value to customers.

Cao Yunduan, head of branding and marketing at Trina Solar, said: “Our Vertex N 700W modules proved their great reliability by passing RETC’s extended reliability tests with an outstanding performance last May and have been widely used in rugged conditions, winning the approval of project owners.”

Trina Solar has adopted an integrated layout in manufacturing plants to ensure worry-free delivery of n-type modules. All batches of Vertex N 700W+ series modules for the 500MW PV power station were delivered in less than a month, something the project owner greatly appreciated. 

Trina Solar is enthusiastically promoting the industrialization of n-type products as it continues to show the way in the 700W+ era.