Trina Solar’s Vertex N 720W series modules ideal for upgraded Vanguard 1P, with lower LCOE and higher IRR

“The Vanguard IP is perfectly suited for the Vertex N 720W series modules,” said Guo Qi, product manager in the tracker division of Trina Solar, in a keynote speech to the webinar in March.

“The combination of the two can lower CAPEX costs and LCOE and improve IRR compared with working with reference modules,” Guo said.

The global intelligence provider Trendforce has forecast that the mass production of n-type modules will continue to accelerate, with 210mm n-type modules achieving a breakthrough power level of up to 700W+.

TOPCon cells have become a mainstream choice in the market and will lead n-type innovations over the next three to four years, Trendforce said.

In February Trina Solar, an early mover and active promoter of i-TOPCon technology and 210mm large-size cells, upgraded its large-format Vertex N modules. These are based on the 210mm product technology platform and n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology, with an efficiency of 23.2% and a power output up to 720W, the highest among 210-66 modules, thanks to the increase in cell efficiency through laser induced firing.

Trina Solar has been exploring higher-value products and solutions to deliver greater value to customers after leading the PV industry into 700W+ era. In the 700W+ era, the company has upgraded its optimal combination smart tracking solution composed of 700W+ modules and once again upgraded the Vanguard 1P in February. The solution not only minimizes investment costs but also ensures high-reliability.

The upgraded Vanguard 1P masterfully integrates adaptability to flat terrain, exceptional system stability and reliability, quick installation and versatile external compatibility. It also boasts a cutting-edge multi-motor system equipped with a slewing drive and a bi-damper system. Utility plants using Vertex N 720W series modules and the new-generation Vanguard 1P are more resistant to strong winds. Numerous extreme weather protection strategies in the upgraded Vanguard 1P, such as in strong wind and heavy snow, ensure the stable operation of modules and the system. 

Trina Solar, with its mission of “Solar Energy for All”, is committed to leading the way in smart PV and energy storage solutions for a net-zero future.