Unlocking efficiency: TrinaTracker's smart upgrades revitalize solar power plant

One of the earliest TrinaTracker photovoltaic power plant projects in the field encountered recent challenges due to its aging technology. To tackle the growing operational and maintenance issues and the decline in power generation efficiency, ​TrinaTracker, a leading provider of smart tracker solutions under Trina Solar, utilized extensive expertise and advanced technology of the Smart Control System in order to carry out a landmark innovative transformation.

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The Shandong photovoltaic power plant

The core of the upgrade involved replacing the power station’s outdated electronic control system with TrinaTracker's self-developed TCUs and NCUs. This resolved communication barriers and improved the security defense mechanism. TrinaTracker meticulously crafted the stow strategy to automatically activate when high winds strike, intelligently adjusting the tracker based on real-time meteorological data to mitigate risks posed by poor weather. In addition, the TCU identifies motor overloads and triggers the stow program, preventing structural damage caused by overcurrent and ensuring long-term stability and safety.

To unlock the power generation potential, TrinaTracker integrated its SuperTrack smart algorithms, equipped with the Smart Backtracking Algorithm (SBA) and Smart Tracking Algorithm (STA). SBA uses a patented mini-shading model to construct a 3D map using terrain data, enabling self-learning and self-optimization for real-time sensing of parameters and maximizing tracker advantages. The STA relies on the Bifacial Irradiance Model to determine the optimal tracker angle for cloudy and rainy conditions, minimizing rotation and extending operational hours.

The incorporation of Trina Smart Cloud has revolutionized conventional, operational, and maintenance practices. The platform enables real-time monitoring, prompt fault detection, and display, and features such as data sharing, digital maps, and health diagnosis to improve overall operational efficiency and ensure the power plant’s health.

The O&M company overseeing the power station praised TrinaTracker’s “comprehensive technical reform strategy” for significantly resolving operational faults and ensuring robust system operations through the integration of digital monitoring and intelligent tracking technology.

In the rapidly evolving photovoltaic industry, technological innovation is the driving force propelling the sector forward. TrinaTracker’s Smart Control System is deployed globally, with contracts exceeding 6.2GW across 16 countries and regions. The company is committed to a customer-centric approach, continuously refining and innovating its systems through field projects and a collaborative effort to drive down costs and boost efficiency for PV power stations, catalyzing the evolution toward a new type of power system.

Trina Solar, with its mission of “Solar Energy for All”, continues to innovate with its mainstream n-type TOPCon technology and products, offering greater customer value with advanced technology, reliable products and solutions.