Trina Solar helps build sustainable communities worldwide

In April, Trina Solar received the prestigious Top Energy Innovation of the Year Award for the exceptional contribution in energy innovation of the Waterloo Terrace Solar Project, setting a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in its category. Trina Solar is at the forefront of paving the path for a more sustainable future worldwide. Over the past few years, Trina Solar has brought the benefits of solar power as well as innovative technologies to communities in countries including the U.S., Germany, China and other parts of the world.

Driving innovative green housing practices in the U.S.


The award-winning project, Waterloo Terrace, the nonprofit's apartment complex in Austin, Texas is a successful partnership between Trina Solar, Foundation Communities, an affordable housing nonprofit, and Spear Commercial & Industrial (Spear). The resulting clean energy of the project will be provided free of charge to the complex’s residents. While decreasing carbon emissions and energy costs, the installation will enhance the residents' quality of life and ensure the sustainability of affordable housing. 

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"We pay the utilities for the 132 single adults that live with us and the solar savings significantly reduce our operating costs, which allows us to invest that money back into the residents," said Katelynn Essig, Director of Sustainability at Foundation Communities.

With a firm commitment to sustainability, Trina Solar is harnessing Austin's abundant solar resources and contributing to local sustainability by offering innovative, efficient, and reliable PV products. 

Trina Solar powers "energy village" in Germany


Trina Solar also actively participates in the construction of green communities in Germany, where it has witnessed the emergence of a visionary "energy village". The basis of the energy village is the citizen solar park in Bundorf. The 125MW solar park, all deploying Trina Solar’s Vertex bifacial modules, connected to the grid in the fall of 2023 and will be able to supply 37,500 households with solar power.

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(The 125MW solar park in Bundorf, Photo credit: MaxSolar)

The project focuses on the participation and benefits of local residents through the citizen energy cooperative. The "energy village" concept is not just a symbol of the transformation of energy technology; it is more a symbol of the transformation of energy ownership. Trina Solar also provides support for the construction of "energy village,” demonstrating its commitment to renewable energy and marking a significant step toward building green communities worldwide.

Promoting solar-powered villages in China to boost rural vitalization


Trina Solar has partnered with villages in Zibo, Shandong province, eastern China, to deliver green development by deploying Vertex modules in local communities. The projects adopted the centralized business model which helps the communities improve local grid efficiency, while residents can also benefit from house rental fees. 

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In Youma Village, Gaoqing county, Zibo, 118 out of over 150 households have installed Trina Solar's Vertex series modules, generating about 2.8 GWh of electricity annually and an annual income of about 1.1 million RMB (US$150,388). The company has also played a role in the city’s PV project in Zhujiabei Village. With its outstanding technology and solid product quality, Trina Solar powers the economic development of villages by delivering clean electricity to communities and reducing their energy costs.

Renewable energy is advancing positive social change, providing a sustainable future for more communities. This is aligned with Trina Solar's mission of “Solar energy for all”. Looking ahead, Trina Solar will continue to support global green communities to power their sustainable future.