Trina Solar’s Vertex N Series Modules Prove Superior Performance in UL Solutions’ Bankability Study

UL Solutions, a global safety science leader, published a bankability study report on Trina Solar’s complete Vertex n-type portfolio. The report’s findings showed that the series modules prove to have outstanding product reliability and lower LCOE for highly recognized bankability.

“The PV industry has showed great trust in Trina Solar, given its strong financial health,” said Sheng Honglei, senior manager of renewable business at UL Solutions, when elaborating on Trina Solar’s leading n-type technology, sound financing, and high standard of management.

Empowered by Advanced Technology and Superior Performance, Vertex N Modules Boast Lower LCOE

This bankability study reviewed the full range of Vertex N modules – including 700W, 610W, 450W, 440W and 430W – covering large, medium, and small-format modules in utility, residential, and C&I scenarios. UL concluded that the modules complied with safety standards and offered superior performance. It also found that LCOE is lower than when generic module types are used for the same plant configurations. For instance, compared with other n-type modules, Trina Solar’s Vertex N 700W module can reduce LCOE by 5.8%.

Leading Shipments Meet Burgeoning Demands

In the report, UL notes that Trina Solar is a vertically integrated manufacturer. Across its complete manufacturing chain, Trina Solar can ensure exceptional product quality as all manufacturing and quality control processes are managed in-house. As of Q3 2023, Trina Solar has shipped a total of 90GW of 210mm modules, ranking first globally. In addition, it shipped over 15GW of 210R modules by the end of October this year.

Trina Solar is ramping up vertically integrated n-type factory, securing a stable supply of n-type i-TOPCon cells for modules. By the end of this year, its module capacity is forecast to reach 95GW, n-type wafer capacity 50GW, and cell production capacity 75GW, including 40GW of n-type cells– which are all equipped with n-type i-TOPCon Advanced technology.

High-Level Automation and a Work-Friendly Environment

Recapping its Trina Solar factory visits, UL expressed its positive perspective on this complete manufacturing automation with minimal human interference. UL inspected the production line for the 210R series PV cell and Vertex S+ series PV module, as well as the facility itself, and found the environment to be clean, safe, and conducive for workers.

All-Round Recognition of Trina Solar

Based on its excellent financial performance, industry-leading innovation, benchmark automation, and advanced quality management system, Trina Solar has won the trust and confidence of international institutions, underscored once again by this latest bankability study.

UL has given all-round credit to Trina Solar for its Vertex N series, which were found to meet industry standards in their cell fabrication, module manufacturing, warranty and after-sales services. As a result, they have achieved lower LCOE, bringing more values to customers and earning more trust globally.

As a pioneer in the PV industry, Trina Solar will uphold its mission of “Solar Energy for All” and drive the global energy transition towards carbon neutrality.

All-Round Recognition of Trina Solar Bankability