Vertex Powers Amazon's First Distribution Center in Belgium

Trina Solar is empowering the global quest for more sustainable industrial buildings with its contributions to Amazon’s first distribution center in Antwerp, Belgium. 1635 Vertex PV modules will complement the energy efficient, smart systems built into the warehouse’s infrastructure.


Blue Gate Antwerp 

The warehouse is in an eco-efficient business park called Blue Gate Antwerp. This park has been remediated by the Belgian government and various partners, from a “brownfield” site, into a circular business park. The park, which consists of future proof buildings with BREEAM excellent requirements, now functions as a 65-ha space for employment and sustainable economic growth.  



The Amazon Distribution Center  

Amazon, the multinational technology company and primary tenant of the building, has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. The use of sustainable buildings and industrial complexes, such as Blue Gate Antwerp, is well aligned with this goal. Trina Solar’s lightweight and efficient PV modules, which were installed by Linea Trovata, are ideally suited for a sustainable building in the business park.  

The warehouse comprises 5,764 m2 with an additional 2,157 m2 of office space, and 40,000 m2 of parking. A logistics center of this size requires a significant amount of energy to power its operations. Trina Solar has provided the Amazon warehouse with renewable energy via PV modules on the rooftops of the warehouse and parking facility. With a digital building management system controlling the energy efficiency of the structure, this building demonstrates great integration of PV and modern, smart-building systems.   



PV Power for Commercial & Industrial Buildings in Europe 

PV power is highly desirable in Europe for its reliability, efficiency, and high lifetime value relative to initial cost. Trina Solar Vertex modules have an excellent efficiency rating, and high-density interconnection technology, which allows them to produce maximum power output for electronics-dependent companies like Amazon.  

The Future of PV Power 

The European Union has committed to environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) regulation and has revised the transparency requirements for investors and businesses going forward. This means that corporations building facilities in Europe need to be aware of the environmental impact and sustainability of their plans and develop accordingly. 

The recent energy crisis in Europe has made finding sources of dependable renewable energy even more urgent. Thus, making PV power effective on a large scale for industrial and commercial use has become essential. 

Trina Solar has been at the forefront of sustainable power and renewable energy since 1997, starting in China and now throughout the world. The business park at Blue Gate Antwerp is one of many projects featuring solar PV panels and smart energy. Integrated renewable energy solutions like this will be critical as more businesses require solar technology and ESG compliance for sustainable buildings.

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